Sattui Winery

Castello di Amorosa
Napa Valley

After a visit to Napa Valley early in the 1990’s, we sent brochures to every winery in the region. Some time later we were visited in Austria by Daryl Sattui because he realized that we were the right partners for his life’s dream – to erect a Tuscan style castle in the heart of Napa Valley.

Our company established a partnership with Sattui’s to build the first 2,380 square feet of the cellar, training Sattui’s workers to carry on with the task of bringing his dream to reality. For the successful completion of the project we commenced to deliver all bricks, floors and other materials from Austria, more than 100 containers over the next 13 years.

This magnificent project has become a showcase example of our projects in the United States.

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